Quite possibly the most popular time frame. 8 hours covers a lot. It covers some getting ready photos, usually the tail end of it, popping on your dress, some details like shoes, rings etc. It then covers ceremony, family photos, location photos with your bridal party and some reception too. Usually around the 3 hour mark at reception. In answer to your question, yes you can still get some sparkler photos and night time photos without having me there till the very end. I have stayed to the very end in the past and lets face it, its quite often messy, unruly, half the guests have left by then and the ones that are left are generally a little under the weather. Which in turn doesnt make great photos. So I stay till around 9 or 10pm at the latest for those very reasons. I usually take couples out after speeches or when theres some down time in reception for some quick night time photos and sparkler shots if you like too. Just a handy hint, grab the extra long sparklers, they last longer.