Testimonial from Erin and Zig!

I procrastinated over writing this. Not because Lisa isn’t wonderful (she is) or that she didn’t produce stunning pictures (she did) but because I struggle to articulate just how much it meant to Zig and I to have her capture our wedding day. We are pretty camera shy, awkward, perhaps a little unconventional and no one else in the world could have made us feel so at ease or produce photographs of us that didn’t make us cringe.

Lisa has the technical skill. A proficiency to produce the most visually stunning and technically brilliant photographs. To make the unflattering look flattering. She has an incredible eye for detail and endless creativity. The brief we gave Lisa was simple, ‘no posed shots’. Lisa delivered, with her capacity to be there when you want her to be and disappear when you don’t, capturing the moments you didn’t realise were there to be captured. Lisa had proofs of our photographs and our blog done in less than a day, her quickness and proficiency is second to none.

Lisa has the personality. This innate ability to be easy-going, engaging and unerringly encouraging. Lisa’s enthusiasm and excitement to photograph for you feels equal to your own. Lisa loves what she does, and she happens to be very, very good.

Lisa just has it, that almost unquantifiable thing that sets her apart.

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