Testimonial from Abbie and Leigh

Firstly I just want to say how happy I was with the pictures that Lisa got on our big day!!

She was so quick at getting them out (the blog was out by the next day!) and the rest of them mailed to me two weeks later!!

Looking through all the pictures made me want to relive the whole day and she captured all the love on the day!

I don’t like photos being taken of myself and neither does my husband so I was very sceptical about the wedding day but Lisa made us feel so comfortable, even in the lovey dovey ones!

She was just so easy going, easy to talk to, was open to any ideas myself and my husband had and worked with it!

Best of all she just made us feel so relaxed and we had so much fun with it.

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone that is getting married, engaged, party – really anything that has photo opportunity!

Abbie and Leigh


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