Why buy an album?

Who doesn’t love looking at old family photo albums? I would say that most households have some kind of album containing the lives of their loved ones and themselves.

Who as a child sat on grandma’s lap and looked over every black and white image pointing out different family members and friends from the past. Or if you didn’t do this how much would it mean to you if you could do this??

I know I personally have no photos of me as a child and certainly don’t have any of my parents at all. The older I get the more important this is becoming to me. These are priceless memories that I don’t have.

When you hire a professional photographer you are hiring someone who is a story teller, a craftsman and a person who understands the importance of preserving memories on paper, not just on a USB.

Imagine in 10+ years when your USB no longer shows your images because technology has moved on? Just like the floppy disk has. How devastated would you be that you don’t at least have a small album showing the most precious memories of your day. Maybe a parent that has now passed, an aunty that you have fond memories of as a child, that last hug with your dad as a single woman.

Some of you may be saying thats all good and well but I plan on getting a album online for a lot cheaper. Will the prints last? Will the colour fade? Will the binding be strong enough to last for years and years to come?

After all photos are REALLY all that is left from your day of a lifetime….Something to think about…..




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