How did you meet each other? – We met at a church in Petersham, Sydney. We hit it off at a church social dinner at a daggy Italian restaurant after the church service, and a couple of days later Steven, uncharacteristically, asked me out.

Describe your ideal wedding day –  Steven: A relaxed ceremony and a fun evening with family and friends. –  Chris: Most of all, a fun celebration of our relationship with the people who would like to do that with us! But also, to have something extra special about it that makes the day particularly memorable.

Who did you choose to marry you? Rev Karl

Why are you marrying each other? – Steven: Chris, because he’s smart and caring and better than me at Scrabble.  – Chris: The person I chose is, most of all, incredibly thoughtful, always striving to be the best he can be. Living life with him is just so much fun, and he’s also a cutie!

Tell me about your venue? What was the deciding factor?  Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah. It’s a beautiful location surrounded by nature, that’s close enough for our friends and family to attend.

Why did you end up choosing Lisa Lent to shoot your day? – Definitely the on-point memes. We had also heard wonderful things about Lisa’s work by word of mouth, and loved what we saw on her website!

Which company is doing your hair and make up? – A bowl and a pair of kitchen scissors!

Are you having a DJ or live band? Who did you choose? – Our guests will be providing the entertainment! We’ve hired a karaoke machine so that everyone at the reception can unleash their inner Beyonce.

Where did you get your wedding day clothing from ?  -MJ Bale

Who is doing your florals and your decorations?  – Our wedding will be held in the beautiful Botanic Garden itself, so we felt that no extra decoration was required. 🙂

Name 2 things you want your guests to remember about your wedding  – Chris: I would love them to remember a fun time, to remember the karaoke performance that just went terribly and hilariously wrong, to remember how proud my little sister was to be doing a bible reading at the ceremony, to remember how dashing Steven looked in his suit. (Okay, maybe it’s alright for only me to remember that last one) –  And if they remember nothing at all, then that’s okay too. It means they were probably having an especially good time!

What is your first dance song?  – Single Ladies.  – ‘Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.