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I mean the above in the nicest possible way of course! This is how a typical family/friend shoot works for me. Let me know if this is something you want to pop into your timeline and I will see if I can make it work. It is VERY dependant on the timing of the day, the weather, how long I have between the ceremony and reception and how many guests you have but let’s see if we can manage it.

1 – I build the shot one side at a time. This means, mum and dad first, then mum and dad and sibilings, mum, dad siblings and partners plus kids. Then insert grandparents. Repeat for the other side. This may vary depending on who you have at your wedding of course and can include step parents and so on.

2 – Photos with aunties, uncles and cousins. Often done also with a parent as they are usually a relation of some sort.

3 – Photos with friends. I try to make sure guests don’t wander off after the ceremony so I can take some photos with you and your friends, work friends, school friends, uni friends and so on.

4 – Check that I have photos with all guests. I LOVE knowing that I have gotten everyone with you and your wife/husband. So once the party starts everyone can just enjoy it without me grabbing their attention for some photos. I much rather take candids at this point. And lets face it, if we can take some nice portraits outside with a garden or beach setting its much nicer than sitting at a table.

So, let’s chat about your timeline and see if we can make it work!