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do i feed you?

yes please!

Its pretty safe to say that most photographers do a minimum of 8-10 hours at the standard wedding. A lot of the time we are starting around the lunchtime period and need to either eat our lunch before we leave home (sometimes at 10am if travelling a bit) or not have lunch at all.
As far as I am aware, most if not all venues allocate a vendor/supplier meal at a discounted rate than the standard per head you are paying for your guests.

By the time reception comes round and the main meal is served your photographer has essentially been on their feet and working hard for around 8 hours or so, with none or little food or water. I cant stress enough how important it is to feed your photographer. A photographer with a full stomach is a happy photographer, a alert photographer and a friendly photographer.

One bit of advise to consider is bringing out the photographers meal before your guests meals. The reason being if it is brought out last like it usually is, the rest of your guests have usually just about finished eating, we then need to eat our meal in an extreme hurry before speeches start. Just by bringing it out even 20 or 30 minutes earlier it means we can have a quick break, eat without getting indigestion and not feel rushed or hurried. Also make sure you know what your photographer is getting to eat. There has been on more than one occasion where I was told there was nothing left for me or I have received cold pasta with no sauce or 8 cold chips (yes you read that right)
Now, I am not a big complainer and will just sit and eat in peace.. but I do feel for the couples that have paid for a vendor meal and dont realise they arent being fed at all. Some points to consider when planning your wedding or event. Thanks for reading

wedding photographer central coast
wedding photographer central coast

Happy Clients

wedding photographer central coast

“Lisa was absolutely amazing from the moment we booked her. She was always very helpful and went above and beyond for what you would expect from a typical photographer.

On the day Lisa was extremely professional and ensured every moment was captured from start to finish. She is extremely diligent, efficient and the images were outstanding. Highly recommend for any event!”

Luke and Alana