Handy Hints


When looking at suits for the men, think about where you are possibly having photos done after the ceremony. Black can sometimes look too stark on the beach for example.
• Greys, Charcoals, Browns and Tans look great in a beach or garden setting.  Some grooms and grooms men have trouble knowing how to tie a tie. Maybe get the guys to practise a little before the day
• For the bridesmaid dresses – if you are going with green for your colour choice think of the ceremony and location photo surroundings. For example if you are getting married in a garden will the green clash with the grass?
• Colours that suit garden wedding photos are – earthy colours, dark purple, black, red for example. • Colours that suit beach wedding photos are – earthy colours, blues, red, purple, latte/coffee colours for example.



 Ceremony Times and Places

• If you are aiming for a late spring/summer wedding that is outdoors at the beach or some gardens it’s best to discuss ceremony times with your photographer. Choosing the wrong time can leave you and your guests squinting and sweating.

• If you are having a garden wedding look for areas that have solid shade. Lots of trees covering for example. • Look at sunset times for the month you are thinking and discuss with your photographer based on your ceremony location.



 Oh No… It’s Raining! 

What happens when it rains? The show must go on!

It is always a good idea to have a contingency plan for adverse weather not just rain but extreme heat, wind etc can cause problems for you and your guests. For the bridal party location shots, if it is raining I generally alternate the photographs so there is minimal chance of getting wet.  For extreme heat it may be a better option to do your location photos a bit later when its cooler. I have done this in the past where the bridal party mingled with their guests for a while and then we did their location photos.

For family photos – I generally do these after ceremony at the same location as the ceremony. At times the weather hasn’t been ideal so we have opted to take these photos at the reception venue.