Handy hints for your wedding day.

This blog post is a handful of ideas that may help you plan all aspects of your big day.

for the men

When looking for suits for the men think about where you are possibly having photos done after the ceremony. Black suits for example can look too stark in a beach setting. Greys, Charcoals, Browns and Tans all look great in a beach or garden setting. Some grooms and groomsmen aren’t entirely sure how to tie their ties on the day. Maybe get the guys together one night to practise a little before the day. There are tons of youtube tutorials to help them out.

If you have chosen the 8 hour package I generally start once the men are fully dressed and spend around 30 or 40 minutes with them. These are laid back photos and can include photos with family, photos with the boys, having a drink/cheers if you like as well.


for the girls

For the bridesmaid dresses – If you are going with green for your colour choice think of the ceremony and location photo surroundings. For example, if you are getting married in a garden will the green clash with the grass and plants?

Colours that suit garden wedding photos are – earth colours, dark purple, black, red, navy for example.

Colours that suit beach wedding photos are – earth colours, blues, reds, purple, latte/coffee colours for example.

If you have chosen the 8 hour package some things I photograph with the girls are – details (ring, shoes, dress, etc), photos with the girls when you are all dressed, phtoos with the family. I generally arrive at the tail end of the getting ready stage so I defintely get your dress being done up if you would like those photos.

The Photography Part – Ceremony and Family Photos



I usually leave around 20 minutes before the girls so I can make sure I get parking at the ceremony location and I am ready for the girls to make their appearance.

I then cover the ceremony in a discreet fashion. This can include walking up the aisle, the look on your partners face when they see you, the service itself, the rings, and the first kiss. If you can linger a little for your first kiss that is helpful.

I then grab some photos of the congrats from your family and friends before we do family photos. Most couples are happy to just do immediate family at this stage and get some later with cousins or aunties/uncles and friends at reception.

somersby garden estate

The Photography Part – Location and Reception

We then go onto the photo locations for an hour or so. This is a very laid back, casual fun shoot. Lots of laughter, lots of breaks to reapply the lipstick and have a drink if needed but still getting the shots.

After your location photos we will both leave for the reception together. The bridal party usually have a room to freshen up in before being announced into reception. I like to try and get around 10 minutes in the room before guests are allowed in to get some room shots. This includes the cake as well as table decorations.

Once you are announced in, I try go around to each table and get either group shots, or couple and/or friend shots. I do try to get every guest but this can be difficult if they change seats or go out for a drink or smoke. Once I have done this I walk around getting candids. Nothing better than getting dad and uncle Bob having a chat, or friends from school having a giggle together!

I do need a meal included and usually sit down to eat when you are all having your main meal. After this I take photos of the speeches, the laughter, the tears and of course the general mood of the room. Then onto the cake cutting and finally the dance. I also like to take some fun dancing shots with your friends and family.

This concludes my night – thanks for having me! There will be a sneak peak on the website (www.lisalent.com.au) and or Facebook to come in the next day or so.

Sergeants Mess wedding

Ceremony times and places

If you are aiming for a late spring/summer wedding that is outdoors at the beach or some gardens it’s best to discuss ceremony times with me so I can guide you. Choosing the wrong time can leave you and your guests squinting and sweating.

If you are having a garden wedding look for areas that have solid shade. Lots of trees covering for example.

Look at sunset times for the month you are thinking and lets discuss to work out the best time frame for you.

Sergeants Mess wedding

Location Photos – where and when?

Ask your venue for your reception start time, I can work on a timeline from this.

Where you would like to go for photographs? Do you require alot of travel time or is everything you want fairly close by? The average location photo session is between 45 – 90 minutes depending on the above answers.

There are a few things to think about when planning where you want your location photographs, apart from the ceremony and reception timing. I like my couples to try and really think about why they are choosing the location they are. Does it have a special meaning? Is it where he proposed? Is it just because it is close to the venue?

When scouting for locations, look for subject matter that can be used. Trees, long dirt roads, beach, rocks, vineyards, national park, side streets that are quiet and so on. Are any of these places really busy at the time of your location photos? Beaches in summer can be very busy around that time but if you choose a beach thats a little out of the way it may suit better. If you have hired a limousine or stretch vehicle consider parking and ease of access to the location as well.

I am a big fan of using props… whether we bring props ourselves or ones that are already available. Parks with swings, a main street with colourful shop fronts, these are all things to think about when looking for locations. Talk to me about this, I may have some ideas

Oh No! It’s raining

The show must go on! It is always a good idea to have a contingency plan for adverse weather not just rain but extreme heat, wind etc can cause problems for you and your guests.

For the bridal party location shots, if it is raining I generally alternate the photographs so there is minimal chance of getting wet. For example – the bridal party remain in the car while I take the bride/groom photos, and visa versa.

I usually get one of the groomsmen to help with umbrella coverage and get them to duck out of the shot quickly.

For extreme heat it may be a better option to do your location photos a bit later when its cooler. I have done this in the past where the bridal party mingled with their guests for a while and then we did their location photos.

For family photos – I generally do these after ceremony at the same location as the ceremony. At times the weather hasn’t been ideal so we have opted to take these photos at the reception venue.

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