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Here are some reasons why big weddings might not be the best fit for everyone:

  • Cost: Big weddings can be expensive. The cost of hosting a large number of guests, renting a large venue, providing elaborate catering, and other expenses can be overwhelming for some couples.
  • Intimacy: Some people prefer a more intimate setting for their wedding, surrounded only by close family and friends. They want their special day to be a private and personal celebration.
  • Stress: Planning and organizing a big wedding can be stressful and time-consuming. Not everyone enjoys dealing with the logistical complexities that come with a large event.
  • Social Anxiety: For individuals who experience social anxiety or feel uncomfortable in large crowds, a big wedding might not be an enjoyable experience.
  • Preference for Simplicity: Some couples prefer simplicity and want to focus more on the marriage itself rather than the grandeur of the wedding.
  • Environmental Impact: A big wedding can have a larger environmental footprint due to increased resource consumption and waste.
  • Family Dynamics: In some cases, family dynamics or issues may make a smaller wedding more manageable and harmonious.
  • Personal Preferences: Everyone has different tastes and desires when it comes to their wedding. Some might envision a small, cozy affair, while others dream of a grand celebration.

micro & elopement prices

elopement photo at Fernbank Farm

Collection 1 – $1800 (Mon – Thurs only)


This includes 30 minutes for your ceremony and 1.5 hours for your wedding photos afterwards.

Collection 2 – $2100 (MON – THURS only)


This includes 30 minutes for your ceremony and 2.5 hours for your wedding photos afterwards.

Feeling unsure about the hours you need? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’m here to assist you in figuring it all out.
Share your thoughts with me through the contact form, and together we’ll navigate the perfect plan for your special occasion.
Let’s start the conversation and make your vision a reality!

Frequently asked Questions

Do you have a travel fee?

Weddings on the Central Coast have no travel fee. If your wedding is further please let me know in the contact form and I will tailor a quote for you.

Can you recommend suppliers for us?

Absolutely, let me know in the contact form what you need and I will give you some names of great suppliers that I have worked with often.

How many guests can I have at my elopement?

Up to 40 guests with any elopement package. Let me know when you contact how many guests you are thinking.

How long till I get my photos?

Depending on my schedule but usually within the same week of the elopement.

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