Hey! I’m Lisa & I like to help.

From the initial enquiry right through to your final images being handed over, I am with you every step of the way.

Photography to me isn’t just showing up on the day and taking pictures. I think about every part of the shoot. The location, the light, the logistics. I am a planner

What I love.

Knowing as much information as I can about your shoot. The more prepared I am the happier I am.  If something special is happening at your shoot PLEASE tell me so I can get ready. 

What I don’t love.

Not knowing information. For me to do the very best job I can I need information. I need times, I need the run down. So when you book and you have your final timeline, rundown, spreadsheet, pass it onto me! The more info the better!

The part about how I got started.

I officially started the business back in 2004 but I was photographing anything that moved long before that. I knew that I wanted to do photography as a career but wasn’t sure what area.
I tried sports (photographed for the Central Coast Mariners for a year), but that wasnt for me, I tried landscapes and got bored very quickly. It wasn’t until a friend rang me and said she knew of a couple who’s photographer bailed on them a week out from their wedding and they were desperate.

After a very anxious phone call to the bride, explaining that I had never done a wedding before we both agreed that I would shoot it. I am not going to lie, I was SO nervous. This is someone’s big day! the HUGEST day. No pressure right? I walked out of that church with the biggest smile on my face. I 1000% knew this was my job. I don’t even know how to explain it but I knew in my heart that this was it. So 19 years and over 900 couples later I am still doing what I love.

My fur babies

My 2 fluffy companions aren’t too far from my feet when I am home and love a snuggle at night.

Odin loves a cuddle and a brush. He’s a Maine Coon with so much personality. He announces everytime he is having a drink just in case we wanted to know and whenever I am in the kitchen he thinks it is dinner time.
He unfortunately has feline leukemia. Christmas eve 2021 we were told he had around 2 months to live. So far he is defying ALL odds and we are so happy he is.

Pearl the ragdoll, what can I say about Pearl apart from her being completely neurotic, a bit broken, barks like a dog, gets the zoomies a lot and loves cuddles, when it suits her and no other time. She jumps in bed with me every morning for a quick snuggle before she’s had enough of humans in her space. We just adore her crazy ways.

maine coon cat
ragdoll cat

My human babies

The gooey part of the about me section. Apart from their dad, these 2 are the absolute loves of my life.  I count myself so very lucky to have 2 beautiful, healthy, loving boys who have grown into the most gorgeous men.

There aren’t enough words to explain how much I love them.

Everything I do is for them.

Why Me?

I am a self confessed polka dot lover, music is ALWAYS on in my home. The playlist ranges from something calm like The Civil Wars right through to Disturbed or Metallica and everything in between.

I LOVE to travel and try to go somewhere at least once a year, even if it is a short drive away. In February 2023 we managed to finally get to Iceland for the end of their winter and to tick off a few bucket list items. This trip has been planned for the longest time and I can’t believe we finally went. If we catch up for coffee remind me to tell you ALL about it.

I like to approach each shoot with a crystal clear understanding of what is expected from me. Every new booking sees me preparing like crazy. From researching locations, lighting, best spots to photograph right through to google mapping. As I said above. I AM A PLANNER.

Does it sound like we would be a good match? Use the contact form today to let me know about your shoot.


Founded in 2004, I have photographed over 900 couples.


Ranging from local to overseas. I enter awards to keep pushing myself to learn.

“We loved having Lisa with us on our wedding day. Her photos (which were with us within 24 hours) were absolutely stunning. It was clear on the day that she knew her light and angles and when we saw what she’d shot we were blown away. There was the perfect mix between posed, natural and candid shots and she made the whole process super fun”.

Audrey and Mark

Glenworth Valley wedding