How it all runs

  • Bride and Groom preparation –  For the men, I usually ask that the guys have their trousers and shirts on ready for my arrival. I can then get some photos of the cuff links, the ties being done up and some chilled portraits. Or you may find that your fiancée may want something different. I have on occasion taken photos of the groom with his mates surfing because that’s what they normally do together. This part of the shoot usually lasts around 30-45 minutes. The men can usually jump back into their board shorts/shirts after this as there is still plenty of down time before the ceremony.
  • For the women – I have found that most women don’t really like photos of themselves without make-up so I like to get you at your very best. I usually arrive at the tail-end of this, so your hair is done and your make up is just about done if not already.  This allows me time to get some lovely photos of everyone getting ready to go. Sometimes bridal parties are getting ready in a lovely hotel so why not use it for photos!
  • I then leave 20 minutes before the bride and bridesmaids to ensure I am there at the ceremony location ready for photos, also to get a parking spot.
  • I then cover the ceremony in a discreet fashion. All areas get covered, walking up the aisle, the look on your grooms face when he sees you, the service itself, the rings, and the first kiss as husband and wife. One of my favourite parts is the look you will give each other  when you finally become man and wife.. this is usually when your witnesses are signing the certificate.
  • I allow around 15 minutes for your family and friends to congratulate you before we do the family photos. Most couples are happy to just do immediate family at this point and get some later with cousins or aunties/uncles at reception.
  • We then go onto the photo locations for an hour or so. This is a very laid back, casual fun shoot. Lots of laughter, lots of breaks to reapply the lipstick and have a drink if needed but still getting the shots needed. I offer a little direction if I think it needs it.
  • After your location photos we will both leave for the reception together. The bridal party usually have a room to freshen up in before being announced into reception. I like to try and get around 10 minutes in the room before guests are allowed in to get some room shots. This includes the cake as well as table decorations.
  • Once you are announced in, I try go around to each table and get either group shots, or couple and/or friend shots. I do try to get every guest but this can be difficult if they change seats or go out for a drink or smoke. Once I have done this I walk around getting candid’s of what’s happening. Nothing better than getting dad and uncle Bob having a chat, or friends from school having a giggle together!
  • Reception coverage – This also depends on the amount of hours you have selected, this can be discussed when meeting Lisa.  Most weddings have a sneak peak up the day after (depending on if I have another wedding the next day or not)