Central Coast elopement guide 

How to elope on the NSW Central Coast from picking the perfect ceremony spot to finding the right location for your images and everything in between.


What does eloping mean?

Eloping is a marriage conducted without the knowledge of the couple’s family and friends, particularly their parents. Typically, those who elope only have a ceremony and do not host a reception or celebration. Although lately the elopements I have photographed have around 10-20 guests. Also known as intimate or micro weddings.

happy smiling wedding image
dusk intimate wedding image


Who suits an elopement

Couples that want to concentrate on either saving for a house, a big holiday, or simply don’t want the attention that a full wedding brings.


There's no rules!

Apart from the legal paperwork required for actually getting married there really isnt any need to go down the route of all the formalities that are done at other weddings. Wear whatever you like, have an intimate picnic with a few favourite people or dance to your favourite tune on a mountain top. Just about anything goes!

wedding picnic with champagne
bride walking through garden


Why elope on the Central Coast

There are so many places to elope on the Central Coast from rugged coastline to amazing gardens. Quiet little nooks away from everyone, stunning beaches and loads of places to go for lunch or dinner after your ceremony. There’s also a huge amount of locations you can stay at for the week or just a weekend. Ask me for my opinion on where to stay and elope!


Create a checklist

Decide on a day that is important to you. Most vendors like to do elopements mid week so keep that in mind.  Choose your location, maybe its where you were proposed to, or somewhere that means something to you both. Or it could simply be the beach because you are both beach people. Your photographer can help with this. Next is choose the vendors you love. You will of course need a celebrant and hair/makeup and flowers. There may be a few people not happy that they weren’t invited. Perhaps consider getting a wedding video done on the day too.

bride and groom walking in garden
eloping in white room


Plan the day

You have chosen the date and the place now is the time to plan the rest. Book your accommodation if you are from out of the area. Think of ways to make the day truly “you”. Choose a restaurant for your lunch or dinner or perhaps just have fish and chips on the beach.

Recent elopements

elopement photos on the central coast
eloping on the coast
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