micro wedding photographer central coast

Micro Wedding Photographer Central Coast

Each micro wedding is a story waiting to be told, and I am privileged to be its narrator. From cozy beachside ceremonies to rustic barn celebrations tucked away in the hinterlands, every venue holds its own charm and character. I revel in capturing the essence of these places, weaving them into the tapestry of each couple’s love story.

elopement photo at Fernbank Farm

5 tips for a memorable Micro Wedding

Focus on What Matters Most –  With a smaller guest list, you have the opportunity to prioritize what truly matters to you as a couple. Whether it’s an intimate ceremony surrounded by your closest family and friends or a unique venue that holds special meaning, focus on creating moments that reflect your love and values.

Personalize Your Experience – Embrace the intimate nature of a micro wedding by personalizing every aspect of your celebration. From handwritten vows to customized decor, infuse your wedding day with elements that speak to your personalities and relationship.

Choose the Right Venue – Select a venue that suits the size and style of your micro wedding. Whether it’s a cozy beachside cottage, a charming garden, or a rustic barn in the countryside, choose a location that resonates with your vision and offers a memorable backdrop for your special day.

Get Creative with Your Guest List – With a smaller guest count, you have the flexibility to get creative with your guest list. Consider inviting only your closest family and friends or opt for a destination micro wedding where guests can enjoy an intimate getaway together.

Capture the Moments – Don’t underestimate the importance of photography and videography in preserving the memories of your micro wedding. Hire a professional photographer who specializes in intimate ceremonies to capture the candid moments, emotions, and details of your day, ensuring that you can relive the magic for years to come.

There’s something magical about the intimacy of micro weddings. With smaller guest lists, the focus shifts from spectacle to connection. Laughter echoes louder, tears flow more freely, and embraces linger a little longer. As a Micro Wedding photographer on the Central Coast, I thrive in this environment, capturing candid moments of pure emotion and joy.

bride and groom walking side by side at Fernbank Farm for their elopement

Hey! I’m Lisa, your trusted local source for Central Coast Corporate headshot, event, lifestyle and Wedding photography.

An established name with 19 years experience in the photography industry on the Central Coast.

Here’s what working with Lisa Lent Photography is all about:

Experience – With years of image creation at weddings, corporate events, and everything in between, I bring a wealth of experience to the table.
Fun Approach – Let’s be real – getting your picture taken can be nerve-wracking! But with me, it’s all about having fun. I’ll make sure you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself every step of the way.
Tailored Services – No two events are the same, and neither are my photography packages. I’ll work with you to create a personalized plan that fits your unique needs.
Collaborative Process – Your input is invaluable to me. I’ll listen carefully to your ideas and preferences, ensuring that the final images reflect your vision perfectly.
Professionalism: From our first email to the final delivery of your images, you can count on me to be prompt, professional, and attentive to every detail.
Credible Choice – When you choose Lisa Lent Photography, you’re choosing a photographer who is dedicated to delivering top-notch results and providing exceptional service every step of the way.
Let’s have a chat about how I can make the planning process easy and stress-free.

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