wedding photo in the rain


I get asked these questions a lot, can we do a rain photo and can we do a night time photo? The answer is YES and YES.

Shooting in the rain (whether its night or day) and shooting at night give such a different look to your photos plus I would say most couples dont mind ducking off for 5 minutes to catch their breath, or cool down from dance floor antics!

Shooting in the rain can be a little tough but with the right help we can get some amazing results. Embrace it like the couples below did! I don’t take you out in the rain till all the formalities are done. Some dance in the rain, some want to hold umbrellas and both are fine with me. You may not want to go out in the rain and that’s completely fine too.

For night time photos I generally try to find somewhere with a bit of ambient light behind you, it just adds a little bit more mood to the photo. I also sometimes bring smoke in a can for some different effects.