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How do I choose who shoots my wedding day?

Congratulations! You are engaged!

Time to plan the dream day you have thought about probably since you were a child right? Everyone will have their own advice, opinion on what you need to do, what you need to book and what you should spend. Everyone’s budget is different, everyone’s ideal day is different. So how do you choose a photographer?

You’ve probably searched google, got some pricing and are now pretty confused.

Whats included in that price? Whats the difference between a spread and a page or a side? What coverage do I actually need? What does it all mean?

After doing nearly 750 weddings on the Central Coast , Hunter Valley and further, I have pretty much seen and heard it all. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something, every wedding photographer runs their business differently.

Understanding the cost – There has been a ton of articles written about this but I am going to boil it down to 2 simple points. The cost of running the business AND the value of what is handed over to you at the end of it all. Now I know not everyone can afford a professional photographer. But please know what you are actually paying for. Is the photographer you are looking at properly insured? Do they have the equipment needed? If one piece of gear fails do they have back up? Do they have plenty of experience with people, with lighting, with bad weather, with bad light, with angry guests, with drunk guests?

Ask to see albums, full weddings and not just the highlights. Look at their reviews (if they even have any) Some photographers (including me) don’t have Facebook reviews up but that doesn’t mean we don’t have reviews on our websites. It’s too easy for people to leave bad reviews on Facebook when we haven’t even done their wedding or we don’t even know them. While I am on the topic of websites. Do they have one? Or do they just have a Facebook page?

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The bottom line is you are paying for experience. Not someone that just bought a camera and now calls themselves a photographer. Half the work a professional photographer does you don’t even see.

To finish up, here are some simple pointers

1 – Ask to see more than just highlights
2 – What do you get for your money?
3 – Are they properly insured, do they have back up gear?
4 – Can they work in rainy weather? Heaven knows I have had my fair share the last few years
5 – Can you picture yourself, your family and friends with this photographer all day?

Feel free to look around. Use the contact form to let me know about your day.

wedding photographer central coast