How did you meet each other?  Myers CBD 2001 I think – Level 5 Stationary dept. I still remember the moment I saw D walked past the registers and she still remembers watching me work in the corner of her eye. CMK was a stationary sales assistant and DH was a sales rep for John Sands cards.

Instant noticing of the other and a slow building attraction for the year that followed – as we were both involved with other people and then there was a 6-month absence as well. First kiss 2003, after a Mardi Gras Parade and hooked ever since. Our wedding day will be our 17th anniversary.

Describe your ideal wedding day:  We already had it back in 2016 at The Springs, Peat’s Ridge on the same date, which is our natural anniversary. This wedding is just a formality as our attention is really on our honeymoon to Canada a few days later. We are keeping the guest list very tiny as we have new people in our lives and one couple that we genuinely forgot to invite last time. So we’re really looking forward to an urban style wedding, with groovy photos, Japanese food and a 3pm cut off.

Who did you choose to marry you, and why?
It will be a random celebrant at the registry but we hope to get the same guy who did our paperwork initially, as he is gay himself. There’s no emotional connection involved.

Tell me about your venue? What was the deciding factor?
BDM – purely for cost and formality of being legally married. We checked out a video online and thought it was cute and simple. It also allows us to have a tiny group of attendees if we wished. Initially we were not going to do that, but now we are.

The restaurant – Gyusha – is walking distance from BDM and our hotel (The Old Clare). It’ll be able to cater for various dietary needs (including our all important photographer) and we love Japanese food too. They also have a wonderful anti food wastage policy which we think is brilliant, as it is typical of the culture.

Why did you end up choosing Lisa Lent to shoot your day? Lisa did our illegal wedding in 2016 and we always intended to use her skills again, if and when Australia finally caught up with the legality of love is love.

Which company is doing your hair and make up? Jenny Law from Le Fabulous who came highly recommended by our photographer

Where did you get your wedding day clothing from? David Jones & Myers ..D is wearing a Veronica Maine dress and CMK – Pants are from Blue Illusion and shirt is from Myers – brand called Estelle

Who is doing your florals and your decorations? We might use our pink feathers again

Name 2 things you want your guests to remember about your wedding? The food and the legality

Anything else that you would like to tell us that is important for your special day?
One thing about the last wedding is that we just did things differently. We didn’t mean to, it’s just that some traditions didn’t really apply to us at the time. We trashed the dress, rented accommodation so family from interstate and overseas could stay with us, as well has having our besties close by for our neuroses. This time we are keeping our rings on but saying our vows with matching necklaces from Swarovski. They have two rings on them, which we felt was appropriate considering it is our second wedding and a chain that cannot be unlatched